Graduating Requirements

1. The regulation is formulated according to the school policy and related regulations.

2. This regulation is formulated for issues for Graduate students of class choosing, degree exams and graduating.

3.Transcripts and Class Selecting
3-1. The Graduate students’ years of study is 1 to 4 years.
3-2. Graduate students should earn at least 30 credits (Thesis not included) in order to graduate.
3-4. Students who have not earn 30 credits, should at least take one class every semester and up most 15 credits.
3-5. Students are allowed to take lessons from other departments (6 credits up most). Classed taken should be related  to ones thesis and should be approved by advising professor and the dean.
3-6. For every class, 100 is the highest score and 70 is the passing score.

4. Advising Professor for Thesis and Degree Exam
4-1. Students should find an advising professor from their department according to “The regulation of Advising Professor of Tamkang University”. If student should find an advising professor from another department, should be approved by the dean of their department. If the advising professor is not from the university, the thesis should be co-advised by a professor from the department.
4-2. Students should hand in the advising professor application one semester before the thesis is complete and taking the degree exam. The application should be hand in before the due date and approved by the department.
4-3. If students should change their advising professor, application must be hand in and verified by the department.
4-4. The topic of the thesis should be related to information and communication. The topic should be approved by the advising professor. The thesis should be complete within the time under the regulation by Tamkang University.
4-5. Students who have gain 30 credits (all grades above 70), could apply for the degree exam. Application should be hand in within the regulated time. The application would be examined by the department and pass down to the Office of Academic Affairs for further verification.
4-6. The member of the degree exam committee should be 3 to 5 people. The committee should at least contain ⅓ of the people who are not from Tamkang University and at least one from the department. Should the advising professor not from the department, the committee should contain one professor from the department.
4-7. The degree exam should be according to “The regulation of Graduate Student Degree Exam”.

5. Graduate students from the department of information and communication who are receiving stipend, should be assigned teaching, assistant or administrative works.

6. The regulation is approved by the institute and be verified by the Office of Academic Affairs.

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